[Msa-discuss] Call for Abstracts: "Multi/Interdisciplinary Investigations into Italy and World War I"--Due April 1, 2014

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Call for Abstracts:  Multi/Interdisciplinary Investigations into Italy and World
War I
Due: April 1, 2014
2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Italy's entry into
World War I. The theme of the January 2015 conference of the American
Historical Association (AHA) is “History and the Other Disciplines” (http://bit.ly/1g3FAPb).
Specifically, the AHA invites “participants to share their experiences of
encounters with other disciplines: how these encounters affected their teaching,
research, writing, and public interpretive work, and how they reshaped their
fields over time.” Additionally, it encourages “panels that explore some
substantive historical terrain or topic situated at the intersection of history
and another discipline, as well as panels that bring historians into
conversation with colleagues from other disciplines in order to reflect on the
pleasures and frustrations of cross-disciplinary collaboration.”
To this end, a panel is being put together for the 2015
AHA meeting in New York City that will, if approved, be sponsored by the
Society for Italian Historical Studies and will focus on Italy and World War I
from the multi/interdisciplinary perspectives. The specific aim of the panel is
to bring together historians of Italy and World War I who, for instance, use
art and literature as part of their source material and must reckon with the
potentially different questions and conclusions art historians and literary
scholars may have of such sources. Additionally, the panel hopes to bring in
scholars outside the history discipline working on Italy and World War I who
seek to ground their analysis within a historical perspective. What experiences
do these scholars have? 
We hope to answer this and all other questions that may
emerge as we explore the challenges and opportunities for scholars of Italy and
World War I who work across the disciplines.
Please email your abstract (250 words maximum) and your CV
to Ernest Ialongo at eialongo at hostos.cuny.edu by April 1, 2014.

"Ma la vita a New York e estremamente dispendiosa ed ardua. Occorrono nervi d'acciaio, dosi di pazienza all'infinito e MOLTI DOLLARI." 

Fortunato Depero in New York to F.T. Marinetti, 31 October 1929.
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