[Msa-discuss] CFP: Reading Modernism with Machines

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CFP: Reading Modernism with Machines

>From data mining and visualization to mapping and topic modeling and
beyond, digitally enhanced studies of literature and culture offer a series
of computational methodologies for use in literary and cultural criticism.
Using these approaches, scholars can ask new questions of literature and
culture, while also intervening in existing debates. And with the
publication of a variety of anthologies, handbooks, and treatises
addressing the Digital Humanities in general, we now have the opportunity
to focus attention on specific periods and movements in literary and
cultural history. Reading Modernism with Machines aims to bring together
the most rigorous and exciting modernist criticism to have been conducted
using computers.

Each submission should offer a case study of modernist literary and
cultural analysis conducted using a computational approach. While
methodologies should be outlined, the majority of each submission should be
reserved for humanistic discussions, which should be based on, or
supplemented by, any electronic analyses. Submissions will be judged based
on 1) the innovation and sophistication of the digital tools used in the
analysis, 2) the essay’s broader impact on modernist studies, and 3) the
degree to which computational analysis and literary/cultural interpretation
merge cohesively.


Initial proposals of ~500 words are due by September 31st, 2014

(Where appropriate, sample graphics, tables, tools, or datasets may also be
submitted with proposal.)

Final submissions of ~6,000 - 8,000 words are due by January 31st, 2015

Submissions should be sent to James O’Sullivan (jco12 at psu.edu) and Shawna
Ross (smross3 at asu.edu)
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