[Msa-discuss] CFP: Panel: "Modernism as Archive" --MSA 16, Nov 2014

McNaughton, James jamesm at as.ua.edu
Wed Apr 2 07:51:23 EDT 2014

CFP: MSA 2014, Modernism as Archive
I seek two more presenters for an MSA panel on how the published work of modernist writers engages their unpublished work.  For example, Beckett develops an aesthetic partly based upon what he calls "testamentary pentimenti." Pentimenti are those earlier drafts of paintings that appear over time behind the finished work. Beckett's finished work refers to unpublished characters, earlier drafts. And he actively sought the release of his own draft archive in the 1970s, which fundamentally shifts interpretations of his work into more rooted historical accounts. What about other writers? How does the finished work of modernist writers evoke earlier drafts or versions? Does an aesthetic that actively makes us aware of lost drafts and hidden material formally model the challenge of historical recovery? Does it change theoretical conceptions of the autonomous work of art? Does it modify how we understand reductionist aesthetics? What other considerations?
By May 1st, please address a 350-word summary of your paper's argument, along with a cv to James McNaughton, jamesm at as.ua.edu.
Many thanks!

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