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Sun Sep 29 18:09:11 EDT 2013

Is anyone interested in joining an online discussion group of readings in Modernism? For a couple of years now, I have been heading a Modernism reading group under the auspices of Portland State University’s public Humanities program. We have read Jameson’s Singular Modernity and Derrida’s Specters of Marx, among other works. We are reading primarily theory. We talked about reading Benjamin this year. I have developed a Wordpress site to allow online discussion. Ideally I would like to see this site involve not just discussion of major works of theory in historical/cultural modernism but discussion of ongoing scholarly projects as well. If anyone is interested, I can send you a brief Camtasia video (in Flash, which opens in any browser) by email, showing you what the site looks like. I can add you to the site. I would love to see this site become a discussion area for theory. Send me an email at Celia.Carlson at mhcc.edu, and I’ll respond to you. Celia Carlson, PhD
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