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Dear All,

as some of you might have already heard about this alarming turn of events, the exitence of the Zurich Literaturmuseum Strauhof, in the very heart of the historical center of Zurich, is endangered, the city council having taken the decision not to fund it any more and to move in its place a writing lab for children and adolescents, much cheaper to maintain.

This decision does not only seal the fate of one of the most inventive literary museums of Europe, but also means that the Zurich Joyce Foundation, situated on the second floor of the same building, would be moved elsewhere and probably doomed to slow perishing - it has already been experiencing drastic cuts in its budget for two years at least.

Many of us have, directly or indirectly, benefited from the generosity of the ZJJF which, even when struggling financially, has continued to offer scholarships to Joyceans the world over, and fund the travel expenses of students to Joyce schools and symposia. Over the last two years the Foundation has been engaged in a program of digitalizing its archive material, in view of making it accessible online, for free.
I don't know if the moneyed decision-makers can be moved by signatures, but I do hope that every signature counts, at least as a sign of solidarity. Below is the link to a petition for saving the Strauhof museum and for keeping the ZJJF within its walls:


A big thanks to all who sign and share it,
best wishes to you all, and Joy(ce) to the world :)


Jó lenne körbeküldeni a linket, hogy minél többen aláírják a petíciót. Én már megtettem.


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