[Msa-discuss] Twitter Chat on Oxen of the Sun -- Today!

Stephen Ross saross at uvic.ca
Fri Mar 1 12:51:01 EST 2013

The Modernist Versions Project sponsors a series of online chats (modelled on the first-year chat and femlead chats) using Twitter as a platform to allow scholars of modernism to convene for an hour once every three weeks to discuss James Joyce's Ulysses. The chats follow the online release of the digital facsimiles of the 1922 first edition of Ulysses by the Modernist Versions Project (mvp.uvic.ca). 

Today the chapter under discussion is "Oxen of the Sun," moderated by Philip Geheber (Trinity College Dublin) at 1:00 pm EST/10:00 PST. 

Sign in to the Twitter machine, follow @PhilipKeelGeheb, and attend the long-awaited birth of Mina Purefoy's bouncing babby boy. 



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