[Msa-discuss] Mfs 59.2 Women Writers, the New Modernisms, and Feminism: now available!

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Good morning,

I'm very happy to announce that my special issue of Mfs on Women Writers,
the New Modernisms, and Feminism is now available. It's a really thrilling
collection of feminist work on women by women. I hope that many of you will
take a look and will come to share my excitement.

Table of contents below.

Best wishes,


*Urmila Seshagiri*,  Making it New: Persephone Books and the Modernist

*Jane Garrity*, Olive Moore's Headless Woman

*Ambreen Hai,* Adultery Behind Purdah and the Politics of Indian Muslim
Nationalism in Zeenuth Futehally’s *Zohra*

*Sara Bryant*, Dorothy Arzner’s Talkies: Gender, Technologies of Voice, and
the Modernist Sensorium

*Anne Cunningham*, “Get on or Get Out:” Failure and Negative Femininity in
Jean Rhys’s *Voyage in the Dark*

*Andrea Adolph*, ‘At least I get my dinners free’: Transgressive Dining in
Marghanita Laski’s *To Bed with Grand Music*

*Rowena Kennedy-Epstein*, “Her Symbol Was Civil War”: Recovering Muriel
Rukeyser’s “Lost” Spanish Civil War Novel

*Aimee A. Wilson*, Creative Conception: Modernism, Monsters, and Margaret

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