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Please join us on August 9th to discuss Blair Niles's 1931 novel, *Strange
Brother.* Our own Jonathan Goldman (NYIT) will introduce the out-of-print
text, which is available online for about $22, used, through bookfinder.com.

In keeping with *Strange Brother's* Harlem setting, we will meet at the bar
Social Corner, located at 321 Lenox Ave @126th street in New York City, at
3pm on Friday, August 9th. Potables and morsels available in exchange for
American currency.

If you would like to be placed on NYC Modernism Seminar's listserv, please
email us at nycmodernismseminar at gmail.com.

*Founded in 2009, the NYC Modernism Seminar is an interdisciplinary forum
for NYC-area scholars of the modernist period to read and discuss current
work in our field and other pertinent materials.

We meet sporadically but regularly, informally but rigorously, usually
discussing one or two article/chapter/essay-length texts at each session.

Materials are suggested by seminar participants.  We forward the readings
to the group 1-2 weeks in advance of each session.

Please submit your suggestions and we will make a good-faith attempt to
schedule them all.  We mainly focus on recent academic articles in
professional journals, chapters from recent academic books, and re-readings
of parts or wholes of canonical critical works.  Other materials include
New York novels and films from the modernist period.  We occasionally
discuss a piece–finished or unfinished–with its author. *

*Facilitator Guidelines:*
*Those who submit materials should be ready to*
*1. provide an electronic version of the text*
*2. offer a brief oral summary (quite informal is quite fine)*
*3. facilitate discussion*

*Facebook user?  Find our page there:
*Twitter feed: @nycmodernism*
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