[Msa-discuss] Two New Seminars at the Newberry Library, Chicago

Liesl Olson olsonl at newberry.org
Tue Feb 26 11:38:42 EST 2013

The Scholl Center is pleased to announce the debut of two new seminars for the 2013-14 academic year:

The Newberry Seminar in American Literature:  http://www.newberry.org/newberry-seminar-american-literature

The Newberry Seminar in the History of Capitalism:  http://www.newberry.org/newberry-seminar-history-capitalism

The Newberry Seminar in American Literature provides a forum for works in progress that explore the history of American Literature. It does so at a
moment when the field's central concepts – of historicism as a mode of literary study, of national literatures, of the distinctiveness of the literary – are under some pressure. We are particularly interested in writing that in some way exemplifies, responds to or significantly acknowledges this pressure, while at the same time engaging specific literary or critical texts.
Coordinators: WALTER BENN MICHAELS, University of Illinois at Chicago; KENNETH WARREN, University of Chicago

The Newberry Seminar in the History of Capitalism brings together scholars from a wide variety of subfields to share their works in progress on the history of capitalism in early America and the United States from the colonial era to the present. Potential topics include class relations, property forms, legal structures, cultural media, ideological currents, and social movements; networks and flows of capital and commodities; modes and mechanisms of production, market exchange, and credit and currency; the organizational and technological coordinates of agriculture, manufacturing, commerce, and finance; rural, regional, urban, and suburban development; public policy, partisan politics, and governmental regulation; patterns of economic growth, development, and crisis; and racial, religious, familial, sexual, environmental, and transnational dimensions of capitalist institutions and
Coordinators: JOSHUA SALZMANN, Northeastern Illinois University; JEFFREY SKLANSKY, University of Illinois at Chicago

To apply for these seminars, please visit the above URLs. 

Liesl Olson
Director | Scholl Center for American History and Culture
The Newberry Library
60 West Walton Street
Chicago IL 60610

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