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Stephen Ross saross at uvic.ca
Thu Feb 21 12:35:16 EST 2013

Hi all,

A graduate student in our program here is preparing her part of an 
exhibit called The Long Now of Ulysses, to be mounted May-August of this 
year. She needs some crowd participation to make her bit click, and I'm 
hoping that some of you will be willing to take a few minutes to help out.

Please see her prompt below, and feel free to contact me if you have any 
questions. Apologies, too, for spamming the list with this.

Stephen Ross


My name is Laura Dosky and I am a graduate student at the University of 
Victoria. Alongside a team of colleagues, and under the supervision of 
Dr. Stephen Ross and Dr. Jentery Sayers, I am helping to curate an 
exhibit on James Joyce's /Ulysses/. The exhibit will be active for the 
duration of the Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities in Canada 
(around 7,000 attendees), which is to be held at the University of 
Victoria in June.

My portion of the exhibit is a web component that supplements the 
gallery exhibit. I kindly ask you to read the prompt and passage from 
/Ulysses/ that appear below my signature, and to make a small 
contribution in the form of an annotation.

Thank you for your help!


Laura Dosky
lauradosky at gmail.com

Prompt & Excerpt: 

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