[Msa-discuss] Tender Buttons?

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Some brief excerpts from "Poetry and Grammar" could give the students a place to
begin thinking about the strategies of TB. I sometimes invite teams of students
to go on a "hunt" for image clusters and different versions of same/similar words
in the text--to pull different threads through it. It helps them to focus on the
poem as a composition (and to see the various themes, such as fabric/sewing,
cooking/eating, etc.). I hope you have fun with it!

Stacy Hubbard
SUNY at Buffalo

On Wed 02/20/13  1:24 PM , Jennifer Williams jhwilliams at calvin.edu sent:
> Dear All,
> I'm planning a lecture on Stein's Tender Buttons tomorrow.  My class
> has been a bit flat of late, so I was hoping to plan something
> interactive and funnish.  Does anyone have a lesson plan that has
> worked or ideas?
> Thanks so much,
> Jennifer
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