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*Call for papers*


*A Valentine To Gertrude Stein: *

*The Reception of Gertrude Stein in the Arts and Humanities*


*8 -- 10 May 2014*


*Hosted by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark*

*and co-organized with Ghent University and Linköping University*

As a writer and famous art collector, Gertrude Stein inspired 
generations of poets and painters; as a cultural icon she inspired 
feminist and gay activists, and her influence seems to be increasing 
still. Today, Stein's impact is felt and recognized across such diverse 
fields as literature, theatre, film, visual arts, dance, performance, etc.

Because Stein's influence has manifested itself to a wide extent through 
artistic appropriations and re-mediations, academic research has had 
troubles catching up with this diverse, cross-disciplinary reception. In 
recent years, however, we have seen how artists and scholars working in 
the crossover field between artistic practice and academic research have 
increasingly reflected the interdisciplinary reception of Gertrude Stein.

Several large conferences host well-attended panels on Gertrude Stein 
each year but Stein, in contrast to her modernist peers, has only rarely 
been the subject of a multiple-day scholarly gathering and thus has not 
received the same attention and scrutiny as her (male) contemporaries.

This conference will focus on the interdisciplinary reception of Stein 
among artists and academics,and create a platform for in-depth and 
extended Stein discussion. The event celebrates the 100^th anniversary 
of the publication of Stein's seminal poetry collection, /Tender 
Buttons/. This book of prose poems is itself an interdisciplinary work 
of literary still lifes, collage texts obsessed with issues from the 
visual arts like perspective, visuality, texture, space, materiality and 
physical objects.

The conference will be located in Copenhagen and reflect the growing 
Scandinavian interest in Gertrude Stein, while at the same time reaching 
out to a broader European and US community. During the last decade a 
community around the Danish Gertrude Stein Society and the Department of 
Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen has initiated, 
inspired and supported a number of new translations, readings, 
presentations as well as stage productions of Stein's writing, making 
Copenhagen the perfect site for a conference focused on the exchange 
between artists and scholars.

In connection with the conference, an artistic program will take place 
with performances of theatrical and musical pieces based on Stein's 
work, as well as readings of Stein's work and works by poets inspired by 

It is a major goal of the conference to establish a meeting between 
European and American Stein research. Stein herself made a great point 
of staging herself as a truly American writer -- perhaps even the 
quintessential American writer. However, her influence on European art 
and thinking has been substantial, and alongside American academic 
scholarship, a strong European Stein research community has developed. 
And of course, her own work was written in a European environment and 
formed by her first-hand experience of European movements in art and 

The aim of this conference is threefold:

oWe wish to bring together European and American research on Stein, and 
create a meeting between different generations of researchers.

oWe wish to focus on the interdisciplinary reception and impact of 
Stein's work.

oWe want to reflect exchanges between theory and practice, i.e. between 
academic and artistic approaches to Stein's work.

We are very proud to welcome six keynote speakers, all of whom are 
distinguished representatives of Gertrude Stein's diverse and 
transatlantic reception in the arts as well as humanities:

o*Marjorie Perloff *

o*Heiner Goebbels*

o*Catharine Stimpson*

o*Isabelle Alfandary*

o*Steven Meyer*

o/and/*Juliana Spahr*


We welcome paper and panel proposals reflecting one or several of these 
/five interdisciplinary perspectives/:

o_Performance_in the broadest, cross-disciplinary sense: theatrical, 
artistic, literary, and social (e.g. performing as a male genius)

o_Literary thinking_: Gertrude Stein and/in philosophy and aesthetic theory

o_Remediation/re-enactment:_ Gertrude Stein in modern or contemporary 
art and literature

o_Gender, history and politics:_ biographical and historical approaches 
to Stein's life and work

o_Transatlantic perspectives_: Europe and America in Gertrude Stein's 
work and the reception of it.

The conference language is English. Proposals are welcome from 
individuals, and from panels of three or four. We especially welcome 
panel proposals.

Panel proposals should include the following information:

oTitle of panel

oA summary of the panel topic (300 words)

oA summary of each individual contribution (300 words)

oName, address and email contact of individual contributors

oShort biography of individual contributors

Individual proposals should include the following information:

oTitle of paper

oName, address and email of contributor

oA summary of the contribution (300 words)

oShort biography of the contributor

Refereering of proposals will be conducted by the conference organizers.

Extended deadline:_*

*Please submit proposals to the conference email address 
**gertrudestein at hum.ku.dk* <mailto:gertrudestein at hum.ku.dk>*by *

*20 January 2013. Participants will be notified of their acceptance by 
14 February 2014.*


*Conference organizers:*

*Laura Luise Schultz*, Associate Professor, Dept. of Arts and Cultural 
Studies, University of Copenhagen, laura at hum.ku.dk <mailto:laura at hum.ku.dk>

*Sarah Posman*, Postdoctoral Researcher, FWO, Dept. of Literature, Ghent 
University, Belgium

*Solveig Daugaard*, PhD Student, Dept. of Culture and Communication, 
Linköping University

*Tania Ørum*, Associate Professor, Dept. of Arts and Cultural Studies, 
University of Copenhagen

*Mette Tranholm*, PhD Student, Dept. of Arts and Cultural Studies, 
University of Copenhagen




Recently, it has been decided that the finals of The EuroVision Song 
Contest are to take place in Copenhagen at the exact time of the 
conference. This event, which attracts an audience of more than 20.000 
lovers of popular music from all over Europe, will surely provide a 
lively international atmosphere in the city during the conference, but 
it unfortunately also puts an extreme pressure on city hotels. *We 
therefore urge all participants to book accommodation as soon as 
possible*. As prices are rising with the demand, we advise you to look 
for alternatives to traditional hotel accommodation such as 
https://www.airbnb.dk/ or http://www.hay4you.com/da/

/Please do not hesitate to contact the conference organizers by e-mail 
//gertrudestein at hum.ku.dk/ <mailto:gertrudestein at hum.ku.dk>/for assistance!/

/Please also consult our homepage: 
http://artsandculturalstudies.ku.dk/gertrudestein /

The conference is supported by

The Carlsberg Foundation

The Danish Council for Independent Research

Dr. Sarah Posman (FWO)
Ghent University, English Lit.
Blandijnberg 2, B-9000 Ghent, BELGIUM

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