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Brenda S. Helt helt0010 at umn.edu
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It is with tremendous sorrow that I report the death of our colleague and
friend Sam See, assistant professor of English at Yale.  Just 34 years old,
Sam died Sunday morning, November 24th, in New Haven, CT.  The cause of
death is under investigation by the state medical examiner as well as by
judicial investigators at the New Haven Police Department.  (Relevant and
irrelevant details can be found easily online.)  Sam was a brilliant young
scholar of British and American modernist and queer literature and culture.
Before completing his PhD at UCLA in 2009, he had already published essays
in PMLA, GLQ, ELH, and elsewhere.  More recently he had published in M/m and
the Henry James Review, and was finishing revisions on his first book, which
examined queer modernist co-optings of scientific evolutionary and
degenerative theories, and was under consideration at a major university
press.  He has presented numerous papers at MLA and MSA and elsewhere in the
past ten years.  For those interested in the details of his scholarship, his
CV can be found here:

Those who knew Sam will remember him as a smart and serious scholar, as well
as a generous and caring teacher and mentor to his students.  Sam was kind,
thoughtful, highly creative, publicly very polite, privately witty and
slightly snarky.  In my own personal friendship with him, Sam was always on
the lookout for ways to help me with my research, even when that meant
putting me in competition with him for funding.  He was thoughtful almost to
a fault-when we met for dinner, for example, I'd have to watch him or he'd
sneak off "to the restroom" and pay the check.  

There was every reason to expect great things from Sam.  His untimely death
is truly a tragedy for those who knew him as well as for modernist and queer
studies generally.  He will be sadly missed, but affectionately remembered.


Brenda Helt





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