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ldoyle ldoyle at english.umass.edu
Sun Sep 30 15:07:26 EDT 2012

Dear Modernist Colleagues,

You may be interested in engaging with a just-published special issue of 
the online journal /Literature Compass/ devoted to the /Oxford Handbook 
of Global Modernisms/ edited by Mark Wollaeger with Matt Eatough. 
/Literature Compass/ Chief Editor, Regenia Gagnier, has launched the 
journal's "Global Circulation Project" as a special, ongoing department 
of the journal, and the special issue on /Global Modernisms/ is part of 
that project.  For this issue, she and I asked a number of comparative 
literature, postcolonial, and modernist scholars to read and comment on 
the Oxford /Global Modernisms/ collection. *Please consider joining this 
online project and conversation, and* *please do forward this message to 
any listservs or communities you think would be interested. *

We invite you not only to read but also to join the conversation. That 
is, in addition to simply publishing the contributors' responses to the 
collection, /Literature Compass/ invites readers who have read (at least 
some of) the /Global Modernisms /collection to post their comments, 
engaging with the special-issue responses specifically, as well as with 
the collection. *So as to give some shape to the discussion, each week 
one of the response-essays will be featured, beginning  Monday October 
1st, with Supriya Chaudhuri's  "Translation and World Literature." * 
Wiley-Blackwell has agreed to make access to the essays and blog 
conversation free and open to the public, a reflection of their 
excitement about the conversation that they hope to foster.

Here is the link to the special issue: 
.  You will see that the issue includes an introduction to frame the 
discussion as well as /responses from Professors Supriya Chaudhuri, 
Ellleke Boehmer, Steven Yao, Paul Young, Ning Wang, and Katie 
Trumpener./  Please keep in mind that this week we invite comments and 
dialogue specifically on Professor Chaudhuri's essay  [ 
http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/lic3.12003/pdf ]  Once you 
open the essay, you will see the "Comments" link in the upper right-hand 
corner of the page.

This conversation will continue until all six response essays have been 
featured,  one week for each (in the order in which the authors are 
listed above and published on the site).  Depending on how the 
conversation develops, we may consider a second special issue with 
further full response-essays.

We hope you join the conversation so as to build a lively, frank, 
respectful dialogue about the developing field of global modernist 
studies, including as it intersects with other conversations in literary 
and cultural studies and global studies.

Laura and Regenia

Laura Doyle
Professor of English
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
WEBSITE: http://people.umass.edu/ldoyle/index.htm

Regenia Gagnier
Professor of English
Editor in Chief, /Literature Compass /and /The Global Circulation 
Project //http://literature-compass.com/global-circulation-project//
Senior Research Fellow, ESRC Centre for
Genomics in Society (Egenis) www.genomicsnetwork.ac.uk/egenis/ 
University of Exeter

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