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Dear Colleagues,

With apologies for any cross-posting, please find below a revised programme
for the upcoming 'Feminism: Activism: Modernisms' conference at University
College Cork.
Registration forms are available from *modernismsucc at gmail.com*

Best regards,
Dr Sarah Hayden
DAAD Visiting Research Fellow, 'Degenerate Art' Research Centre, Freie
Universität Berlin
on behalf of the Organizing Committee
Dr Lee Jenkins, Dr Kerstin Fest, Dr Sarah Hayden, James Cummins and Rachel


Modernisms Research Centre

*14-15 September 2012*


Friday 14th
*Panel 1 - 9:30-11:00: Outsiders? *

*Panel Chair: Dr Daragh O’Connell, Italian, UCC*

·        Douglas Brent McBride, Cornell University: *Maternalism as
Revolutionary Discourse in German Expressionism*

·        Jenny Hyest, Lehigh University: *The Feminist Poetics of Anne
Spencer’s Modernism*

·        Bethany Dailey Tisdale, University of South Carolina: *Hybrid
Texts and Hybrid Communities in Anzia Yezierska’s Sentimental Modernism *Hungry
Hearts* and *Bread Givers**

*Panel 2 - **11:15-12:45:** **Feminist Visual Art and Film*

*Panel Chair: Dr Ed Krčma, History of Art, UCC*

·        Nicole Bebout, AC Institute, New York:* Paula Rego and the School
of Life*

·        Rosa Nogués, Kingston University: *The Feminism of Shirley Clarke *

·        Rachel Warriner, University College Cork: *The Manifestary
Impulse: Feminist Artworks as Manifestos.*


Panel 3 - 13:30-15:00: Political Relationships to Feminist Practices

*Panel Chair: tbc*

·        Clara Jones, Queen Mary, University of London: *Virginia Stephen:
Adult Suffragist*

·        Jane Dowson, De Montfort University: *‘The power of the
periodical: *The Freewoman, Time and Tide, The Bermondsey Book’

·        Matthew Taunton, Queen Mary, University of London: *Feminism,
Modernism and the Russian Revolution: Dorothy Richardson and Rebecca West*

*Panel 4 - 15:15-16:45: British Modernisms*

*Panel Chair: Dr Kerstin Fest, German, UCC*

·        Laura McGrath, Michigan State University: *Woolf’s Introspective

·        Kathryn Laing, Mary Immaculate College, University of
Limerick: *“Reading
Henry James in War Time”: Rebecca West on Women, War and Art, 1914–1918*

·        Anna Farkas, University of Regensburg: *“There are all kinds of
women except adoring ones”: J. M. Barrie’s feminist drama*

*17:00-18:00: Keynote: Professor Janet Lyon, Penn State (title to be

19:30: Dinner – Amicus Restaurant Cork City

Saturday 15th

*9:30-10:30: Keynote: Dr Mary Noonan, University College Cork: **'Song of
the Forbidden Body: Voice as the Venue of Intersubjectivity in the Early
Writings of Hélène Cixous'.***


*Panel 5 - 10:45-12:15: **Feminisms and the Historical Avant Gardes*

*Panel Chair: Dr Paul Hegarty, French, UCC *

·        Rebecca Ferreboeuf, University of Leeds:* Elsa Triolet’s inter-war
modernism: a feminist dead-end?*

·        Cathrin Cronjäger, Humboldt University: *On the Potential of a
Methodological (Re-)Consideration: Que(e)rying Selected Poems by Else
Lasker-Schüler *

·        Patricia Moran, University of Limerick: *“Bound and Gagged with
Thread”:  Shame, Female Development, and the K**ü**nstlerroman Tradition in
Cora Sandel’s *The Alberta Trilogy**

* *


*Panel 6 - 13:00-15:00: Mina Loy’s Ambivalent Feminism*

*Panel Chair: James Cummins, English, UCC*

·        Prue Chamberlain, Royal Holloway, University of London: *‘Trying
it on’: Mina Loy and the conflict of politics and poetics in her *‘Feminist

·        Anna Green, Michigan State University: *Electromagnetism as the
Language of Aesthetic Assertion: The Feminism of Energy Dynamics in Mina
Loy’s *Insel



·        Sarah Hayden, Freie Universität, Berlin: *Not 'of' but 'on': Loy's
'Aphorisms' as a manifesto against  Futurism*

·        Edric Mesmer, University at Buffalo: *Mina Loy, Djuna Barnes, and
the Pleasuring Spectacle*

*Panel 7 – 15:15 -16:15: **Eastern European Feminisms*

*Panel Chair: Dr Sabine Kriebel, History of Art, UCC*

·        Baiba Vanaga, Latvian National Museum of Art / Art Academy of
Latvia: *Modernism pioneers Aleksandra Belcova and Marta Liepina-Skulme and
the role of female artists in the development of Latvian Classical Modernism

·        Agata Jakubowska, Adam Mickiewicz University: *Feminist artists in
Poland and „the woman problem” solved.*
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