[Msa-discuss] Celebrating a new digital edition of Ulysses and photo competition this Bloomsday (June 16)

Stephen Ross saross at uvic.ca
Tue May 22 12:40:04 EDT 2012

In honour of Bloomsday (June 16) 2012, the Modernist Versions Project invites all and sundry to post their own versions of the iconic photograph of Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses. Show us yourself (or someone else) reading Ulysses and join the celebration!

Here's the URL on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/415964535091177/

The name of the Event is "Bloomsday Photo Competition (Modernist Versions Project)."

Prizes will be awarded for the pictures taken farthest away from Dublin and from Victoria, BC.

As you'll see, we have a couple of entries already, but could use many more before we go big.

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