[Msa-discuss] MSA board elections

Adam McKible adam.mckible at verizon.net
Tue May 15 11:00:14 EDT 2012

Dear MSA members:

I am pleased to announce the results of this year's MSA elections.

The new 2nd Vice President will be Rebecca Walkowitz of Rutgers  
University.  She will assume office on the final day of MSA 14 this  
November, then proceed to the position of 1st Vice-President on the  
final day of MSA 15 in 2013, and then to that of President on the  
final day of MSA 16 in 2014.

The new Chair of International Relations is  Aaron Jaffe of the  
University of Louisville; he will serve a 3-year term commencing on  
the final day of MSA 13.

The new Chair of Interdisciplinary Approaches is Carrie Preston of  
Boston University; she will serve a 3-year term commencing on the  
final day of MSA 13.

Congratulations to these new board members. The Association owes a  
great deal of gratitude to all of those who expressed their  
willingness to serve and to run.

Thanks also to those of you who voted.


Adam McKible, Nominations and Elections Chair

Adam McKible
Associate Professor of English
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
524 West 59th Street, Room 07.63.14
New York, NY 10019
212/237-8584 (office)
646-557-4865 (fax)
845/831-4173 (home)
347/731-5075 (cell)


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