[Msa-discuss] CFP: Cavell and Modernist Studies (MSA 14; Oct 18-21, 2012)

Chris Forster csf2g at virginia.edu
Thu Mar 22 01:02:32 EDT 2012

CFP:  Stanley Cavell and Modernist Studies
(MSA <http://msa.press.jhu.edu/conferences/msa14/> 14, Las Vegas, October
18-21, 2012)

“New theater is ‘absurd’; new painting is ‘action’; Pop Art exists ‘between
life and art’; in serial music ‘chance occurs by necessity.’ Often one does
not know whether interest is elicited and sustained primarily by the object
or by what can be said about the object. My suggestion is not that this is
bad, but that it is definitive of a modernist situation.”[1] Is it? Is it

Cavell's importance to literary study has been rather late coming; a recent
collection suggest that Cavell’s “work has resisted ready assimilation to
literary criticism under a dominant anti- or post-humanist dispensation.”
[2] Papers are solicited which explore the intersection of ordinary
language philosophy and modernist studies or which apply Cavell’s work to
specific texts.

Please send paper proposals of 300 words and short scholarly bios (no more
than three sentences) to Chris Forster (cforster at virginia.edu) by April 2,

[1] Stanley Cavell, “Music Discomposed,” in _ Must We Mean What We Say_
(Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1969), 207.

[2] Richard Eldrige and Bernard Rhie, Introduction to _Stanley Cavell and
Literary Studies: Consequences of Skepticism_ (NY: Continuum), 5
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