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Images of spinning, weaving, and embroidery can be found in many of H.D.'s works, especially from the early 1940s, when she was coping with the stress of the London Blitz by working elaborate tapestries - or doing "typestry stitching," as she wrote to Viola Jordan in a fortuitous misspelling (letter of 28 April 1942, Beinecke Library).    See for example in Trilogy:

we are the keepers of the secret,
the carriers, the spinners

of the rare intangible thread
that binds all humanity

to ancient wisdom.

Hence the title of Susan Friedman's book Penelope's Web ("It is obviously Penelope's web that I am weaving" - Tribute to Freud 153).  For more on H.D.'s tapestries, see Perdita Schaffner's introduction to The Gift.

Best of luck with your project!

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I'm trying to work through an idea about embroidery and sewing in the works of modernist writers.  I honestly don't know if this is a broad question or not, but does anyone know of works that include references to or scenes of embroidery and sewing?

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