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This may be quite a stretch, but it's too fun to not mention: Alice B. Toklas embroidered two small chairs with Picasso designs.  Famously, one of the chairs cracked when Ezra Pound sat in it.  The event is mentioned in Stein's Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas and Hemingway's A Moveable Feast (where Hemingway suggests that Stein gave Pound the undersized chair knowing it would break beneath his weight).

The chairs are at Yale, I believe.

(Stein experts, feel free to correct the details, entered here from memory.)

Good luck!


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Dear All,

I'm trying to work through an idea about embroidery and sewing in the works of modernist writers.  I honestly don't know if this is a broad question or not, but does anyone know of works that include references to or scenes of embroidery and sewing?

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