[Msa-discuss] Call for Papers: ELN 51.1 (Spring/Summer 2013): “General Issue: State of the Field”

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Call for Papers:

/ELN/51.1 (Spring/Summer 2013): “General Issue: State of the Field”

/English Language Notes/

Contact email: eln2 at colorado.edu

Deadline: October 1, 2012


Since its founding in 1963, /English Language Notes, /under the 
sponsorship of the University of Colorado, has provided a respected 
forum for criticism and scholarship in every field of English studies to 
a broad audience of academics and general readers.It has been unique 
both in its breadth of audience and subject matter and in its emphasis 
on shorter articles of wider interest than typical scholarly writing.

In 2005, ELN underwent a substantial revision in its style, substance, 
and format.A new editorial board embarked on a bi-annual special issue 
format that preserved the shorter “notes,” often no more than ten pages 
in print, that has long distinguished ELN, while adding longer articles, 
clusters, and creative pieces.These special issues include topics such 
as: “Genre and Affect,” “Queer Spaces,” “Juris-Dictions,” “Transnational 
Exchange,” “Pseudo-Science” and “Graphia.”In recognition of ELN’s 
successful transformation, the journal received CELJ’s “Phoenix Award” 
in 2008.

In 2012, ELN continues its transformation.We are now a peer-reviewed 
journal with an advisory board of internationally recognized scholars 
from across the discipline of English and comparative literary studies. 
We are seeking essays for an inaugural general issue that address the 
following topics:

* issues of interdisciplinarity;

* the future of English as a discipline;

* new approaches to literature;

* new methodologies;

* new media;

* new pedagogies.

Consideration will be given to critical essays, creative writing, and to 
writing that is a combination of the two. We also welcome round-table 
discussions on particular sub-topics and reviews or review articles of 
recent books relevant to the issue’s topics listed above. Shorter 
articles are also welcome, in the spirit of our “notes” format 
(approximately 2500 words or 10 double-spaced manuscript pages). Above 
all, we seek interventions in on-going debates, chief among them the 
role of interdisciplinarity in shaping fields, objects of study, modes 
of study and the history and future of the discipline.

Please send double-spaced, 12-point font contributions adhering to the 
Chicago-style endnote citation format in hard copy and email .pdf to the 
address below:

Laura Winkiel, Senior Editor
/English Language Notes/
University of Colorado at Boulder
226 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0226

laura.winkiel at colorado.edu

Specific inquiries may be addressed to the senior editor, Laura Winkiel, 
laura.winkiel at colorado.edu <mailto:laura.winkiel at colorado.edu>.The 
deadline for submissions is October 1, 2012.

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