[Msa-discuss] Modernists Ignored -- Discipline Dies!

Stephen Ross saross at uvic.ca
Thu Aug 16 17:45:24 EDT 2012

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism still has many terms in need of knowledgable contributors to write entries about them. Please see a list of just those from the literature list below; there are hundreds of others (mostly in music) at remodernism.wikispaces.com

Please, won't you lend a hand?

Email rem at uvic.ca. 

Don't let another day go by. 

Allan, Ted
Aucamp, Hennie
Baum, Oskar
Beer-Hofmann, Richard
Bo, Carlo 
Brennan, Christopher 
Bronk, William
Bruce, Charles
Cannell, Skipwith
Carpentier, Alejo
Cecil-Smith, Ed
Cope, Jack (Robert Knox)
Cowley, Malcom
Curnow, Allen
Cussons, Sheila
Dangor, Achmat
de Andrade, Mário
Diego, Gerardo 
Durkin, Douglas
Essop, Achmat
Fairburn, A. R. D. 
Fotheringham, Marie Joussaye 
Funabashi, Seiichi (Japan)
Gatto, Alfonso 
Ge Fei 
Goldberg, Mildred
Gu Cheng
Guo Moruo
Hai Zi
Hongo, Garrett Kaoru 
Hope, Christopher David Tully
Hu Shih (China)
Inada, Lawson Fusao 
Jacobson, Dan
Kaléko, Mascha
La Guma, Alex
Lin Huiyin
Lindsay Circle
Love, Frank
Lu Xun
Lugones, Leopoldo
Matthews, James
Millin, Sarah Gertrude
Motsisi, Moses
Mphahlele, Es'kia
Mtshali, Oswald Mbuyisani
Mzamane, Mbulelo Vizikhungo
Naya Kuhn
Nayi Kahani
Nayi Kavita
Newlove, John
Rive, Richard
Ross, W. W. E. 
Sepamla, Sipho
Shu Ting (China)
Simon, Barney
Tao Jingsun
Teng Gu
Vilakazi, B.W.
Wilhelm, Peter
Wright, Richard
Wylie, Dan
Zhou Zuoren
Zuckmayr, Carl

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