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NYC Modernism Seminar's next meeting will be held on August 17th at 4pm at
the David Rubenstein Atrium, Broadway bet. 62nd and 63rd Sts, where snacks
and stimulating beverages are available for purchase.

We will be workshopping Mena Mitrano's (Sapienza University of Rome) "'The
only reproduction of me which is always I: On Picasso's *Portrait of
Gertrude Stein*." Mena will be giving this paper at the EAM conference in
Kent, UK in September. Come for a sneak peek and to participate in Mena's
writing process.

Email nycmodernismseminar at gmail.com to receive a copy of the draft, which
will be available on August 15th.

*Founded in 2009, the NYC Modernism Seminar is a forum for NYC-area
scholars of the modernist period to read and discuss current work in our
field and other pertinent materials.

We meet sporadically but regularly, informally but rigorously, discussing
one or two article/chapter/essay-length texts at each session.

Materials are suggested by seminar participants.  We forward the readings
to the group 1-2 weeks in advance of each session.

Please submit your suggestions and we will make a good-faith attempt to
schedule them all.  We mainly focus on recent academic articles in
professional journals, chapters from recent academic books, and re-readings
of parts or wholes of canonical critical works.  Other possibilities
include New York novels and films from the modernist period.

Facilitator Guidelines.  Those who submit suggestions should be ready to
1. provide an electronic version of the text
2. offer a brief oral summary (quite informal is quite fine)
3. facilitate discussion

Facebook user?  Find our page there:

Jennifer Gilchrist, PhD
Hunter College
English Department
695 Park Ave.
NY, NY 10065
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