[Msa-discuss] Paper Call for Edited volume on Modernism in the Mediterranean

Adam Goldwyn adam.goldwyn at lingfil.uu.se
Fri Apr 13 00:53:39 EDT 2012

For those interested, please find below a call for abstracts/papers for a
proposed volume on Modernism in the Mediterranean:

Proposed Volume Title: *The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in
the Age of Modernity*

Eds. Adam J. Goldwyn (Uppsala University) and Renee Silverman (Florida
International University)

Call for Papers:

For centuries, the Mediterranean Sea has both divided and joined the many
disparate nations, cultures, language groups and artistic traditions which
flourished in the Mediterranean Basin: the Maghreb, Iberia, Southern
Europe, the Balkans, the Levant and Egypt.  As a dividing line and barrier
to inter-cultural exchange, it has allowed each of these regions and their
many cultures to develop unique artistic traditions.  As the major feature
binding these diverse cultures together, however, it has also facilitated
inter-cultural exchange.  What happens, then, when these traditions travel,
meet and merge with each other?  How does the host country adopt and adapt
the ideas and aesthetics coming from abroad to its own native tradition?

This volume will look at such pan-Mediterranean artistic exchange (in
literature as well as film, painting, music, photography, etc.) produced
during or about the Modernist period, roughly the last quarter of the
19thcentury and the first half of the 20
th.  We welcome papers addressing any aspect of Modernist and
*avante-garde*literature and art on four related themes: first, papers
which describe the
interaction of two or more Mediterranean artistic traditions (international
Futurism, for example, or the reception of French Surrealism in Algeria);
second, two or more Mediterranean cultures (Alexandria’s Jewish community
or relations between Greeks and Turks in Cyprus); third, depictions of the
Mediterranean itself during the period (in, for example, Lawrence Durrell’s
*Bitter Lemons of Cyprus* or Henry Miller’s *Colossus of Maroussi*); or,
fourth, the myriad forms of Modernist and *avante-garde* art which emerged
from a single location (such as Cavafy, Marinetti, Ungaretti and Durrell in
Alexandria).  Papers on similar themes will also be considered.

Email one to two page abstracts by June 15 to Dr. Goldwyn at
adam.goldwyn at lingfil.uu.se
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