[Msa-discuss] Modernist Journals Project

John Westbrook jwestbro at bucknell.edu
Thu Apr 12 08:32:47 EDT 2012

Hi all,

For those interested, the website for the Centre de Recherches sur le
Surrealisme (Paris III La Sorbonne Nouvelle) has digital versions of
several dada and surrealiste reviews, including Litérature, Dada, La
Révolution surréaliste, La Brèche.


This center has been doing work, under Henri Behar, in the area of
digital humanities for decades--using punch cards to create an early
digital corpus of La Révolution surréaliste.

I would also like to echo Carrie Noland's plea for the MSA to work
harder to promote both Modernist studies beyond the anglophone world
as well as the importance of comparatist perspectives grounded in
knowledge of other languages and literatures.

All the work on magazine modernisms is very exciting indeed!


John Westbrook

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