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Hi Emma,
  Some bells in *Ulysses: *in "Telemachus" (*U* 17), "Nestor" (*U *22)- the
bells in heaven striking eleven come back again in "Circe", the 'gloria'
bells in the library, "Sirens" (another Big Ben reference) "Nausicaa"
(benediction bells), Mulligan wears a jester's cap with a bell in "Circe"
when Stephen's mother rises through the floor, Molly hears church bells
striking the time in "Penelope," and there are probably many others that are
not coming to mind immediately. What a fun game! My best, Judith Paltin

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> Hi Emma,
> My suggestion about Plath's _The Bell Jar_ is not as obvious as it sounds.
> First, it would mean that Plath is a modernist, and so you'd join the
> group that feels that modernism is more a mode than a period; second, that
> Plath is English either because she lived out there for a long time, or
> because her work seems distinctly British (perhaps in its formality, form,
> and intertextuality); finally, that any work in English is English or
> Englishes, if your main topic is a trope, symbol, or specific allusion,
> and therefore get some radically diverse productions around that topic if
> you go transnational.
> On a more traditional, but still painfully obvious, note: Eliot, "time and
> the bell have buried the day" (Wasteland or 4 Quartets); and "hurry up now
> it's time" (Wasteland; the "last call" bell in pubs in Britain); Woolf,
> the Big Ben scene in Dalloway.
> I'd suggest looking up "bell" in a Bible concordance (the King James is
> English, right?). That might help with the Eliot. I'm often surprised at
> what that concordance leads to; there is life beyond Eliot although I have
> yet to experience it myself.
> AG
> > Can anyone suggest works--English modernist poetry or prose--that feature
> > bells as object or symbol? Thanks.
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