[Msa-discuss] Artificial Light in Modernist Literature

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See also Sensibar pp.110-42 in Faulkner and Popular Culture, 1988, eds.
Fowler and Abadie and Sensibar,  Faulkner and Love: The Women Who Shaped His
Art, A Biography, Yale UP, 2010 pb, Chs. 8-12 and throughout.

On 10/18/11 2:54 PM, "Judith Sensibar" <jlsensibar at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Try Faulkner‹especially his novels,  Absalom, Absalom!,  Light in August, and
> Sanctuary but also many of his short stories.
> Judith L. Sensibar
> On 10/18/11 2:38 PM, "Stephen Pasqualina" <spasqual at usc.edu> wrote:
>> Could anyone suggest examples from modernist writers‹essays, novels, plays,
>> poems, or even letters‹in which artificial light figures prominently?
>> Many thanks,
>> Stephen
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Faulkner and Love: The Women Who Shaped His  Art

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