[Msa-discuss] Artificial Light in Modernist Literature

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Prostitute under a street lamp in Jacob's Room


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'prufrock' has quite a bit: lamp light that falls on the woman's arm, magic
lantern projection imagined by the speaker; there might be others in it.
'portrait of a lady' has light if you include lit candles are included
(shadow?) projected on ceiling; 'rhapsody/windy night' has street lamps'
also,  you might want to check 'the waste land,' which in addition to a lit
candelabra has 'unlit' stairs.  what about 'mrs. dalloway'?  there might be
some in it too. 


shyamal bagchee

On 18 October 2011 13:38, Stephen Pasqualina <spasqual at usc.edu> wrote:

Could anyone suggest examples from modernist writers-essays, novels, plays,
poems, or even letters-in which artificial light figures prominently? 

Many thanks,

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