[Msa-discuss] CFP: Special Issue, MFS: Women’s Fiction, New Modernist Studies, and Feminism

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Mon May 23 13:18:45 EDT 2011

Call for Papers: Upcoming Special issue
Women’s Fiction, New Modernist Studies, and Feminism

Editor: Anne Fernald
Deadline for Submission: 1 March 2012

The editors of MFS solicit new feminist scholarship on neglected women
writers from the first half of the twentieth century. Feminist readings of
single texts, essays on groups and/or movements, and overviews of a single
woman’s career are equally welcomed. We are particularly interested in new
theoretical approaches to modernism emerging out of feminist theory, imbued
with what Sianne Ngai calls “a feminist attentiveness to the persistence of
sexual hierarchies” (2). How can a feminist approach to women writers shape
the conversation at a time when New Modernist studies have largely shifted
the focus away from gender toward history and nation? How do recent
developments in transnational modernism, urban theory, material, textual,
and cultural history affect our readings of texts by women? Most of all,
this issue’s double focus on neglected women writers and feminist theory
seeks to make a critical intervention: What might new theory of modernism,
taking as its foundation a feminist approach to a woman writer, look like?

This issue seeks to represent the full range of womanhood in the early
twentieth century: conservatives and radicals, feminists and
anti-feminists, lesbians, mothers, professionals, urban and rural women,
women of color, white colonialists. Most importantly, it hopes to offer
readings of texts by women through new feminist theoretical approaches with
continuing resonances for all scholars in the field.

Essays should be 6000-8000 words and should follow the MLA Style Manual for
internal citation and works cited. Queries should be addressed to Anne
Fernald (fernald at fordham.edu). For information on submission, please
contact mfs at purdue.edu.

Anne E. Fernald
Director of Writing/Composition at Lincoln Center,
Associate Professor of English and Women's Studies
Fordham University
113 W 60th St.
New York NY 10023

fernald at fordham.edu
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