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*Cultural Expressions of World War II

*and the Holocaust:*

*Preludes, Responses, Memory***

*        *

*A New Book Series from Northwestern University Press*

Phyllis Lassner, Series Editor

This new book series will present studies of cultural representations
ranging from the years of crisis before World War II, the war itself, and
the Holocaust, to past and present memories and memorializations. The goal
of the series is to enhance interest in each of these subjects by providing
enriching interdisciplinary linkages among them from various perspectives
and locations: local, national, international, and transnational.

The series will address such questions as:


*What differences do the linkages between various national crises of the
1930s, the Holocaust, World War II, and collective memory make to
contemporary literary history and theory such as modernism and the
transnational, and to their applications? *


*What difference do theoretical and conceptual methods make to the
historical record and to our understanding of the events, artistic
responses, and/or memorialization?  *

Theoretical approaches to cultural representation are also welcome,
especially as they inform the primary subject or are challenged by it. Such
theoretical and literary historical approaches could include gender and
queer theories, psycho-ethical concepts of empathy, postcolonial theory, the
everyday, politics, trauma, modernism, intermodernism, and popular culture.

In addition to literary representations, this series’ interdisciplinary
approach will invite studies of biography and autobiography, testimony as
narrative, film, theater, and dance, along with photography and the visual
arts, music, journalism, propaganda, and architecture.

Please send inquiries and book proposals to phyllisl at northwestern.edu

Please send manuscripts in hard copy to:

Phyllis Lassner, The Crown Center for Jewish Studies, Crowe Hall,
Northwestern University, 1860 Campus   Dr., Evanston, Illinois 60208.
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