[Msa-discuss] Deleuze and Modernist Literature

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Tue Dec 6 09:36:12 EST 2011

We seek papers that examine the ways Deleuze’s reading of modernist
literature influenced his philosophy for a proposed themed panel at the 5th
International Deleuze Studies Conference, hosted by Tulane University.
Particularly interesting would be papers that undertake a study of
modernist writers who have been comparatively neglected (alongside those
like Kafka, Proust, and Beckett) in the field of Deleuze studies, such as
Alfred Jarry, Virginia Woolf, Antonin Artaud, D.H. Lawrence, H.P.
Lovecraft, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Henry James, William Faulkner, and Jorge
Luis Borges, among others. Papers might examine questions of subjectivity
(becomings-woman, -animal, -child, -molecular, -imperceptible) as it
relates to sexuality, othering, imperialism, madness, the dream world,
imagination, etcetera. Or, papers might take a more direct stance on
aesthetics by making an argument concerning the way Deleuzean concepts like
desire or the fold were inspired by modernist literature.

Send abstracts of 200-250 words to Laci Mattison at ljm06f at fsu.edu and
Chris Higgs at higgs.chris at gmail.com by January 22, 2012. Selected
abstracts will be included as a proposed panel/panels (pending acceptance)
for the 5th International Deleuze Studies Conference hosted by Tulane
University (New Orleans, Louisiana). Further information about the
conference can be found here:  http://deleuze2012.com/cfp.html.

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