[Msa-discuss] CFP: Queer Places, Practices, and Lives: A Symposium in Honor of Samuel Steward

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Symposium Call For Papers
Queer Places, Practices, and Lives: A Symposium in Honor of Samuel Steward
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

May 18-19, 2012

Deadline for proposals: Aug. 12, 2011

Deadline extended to Sept. 16, 2011.  We have had an enthusiastic response
to our original call for papers (thanks to all who have applied so far!),
but would like to give others who have been away for the summer or are just
now finding out about the conference time to submit a proposal.


Confirmed speakers
Joseph Boone, Tim Dean, Kale Fajardo, Roderick Ferguson, Brian Glavey, Scott
Herring, Eithne Lubhéid, Victor Mendoza, Deborah Miranda, José Esteban
Muñoz, Hoang Tan Nguyen, Juana Marí­a Rodrí­guez, Nayan Shah, Justin Spring,
Susan Stryker, Shane Vogel


We invite proposals for the inaugural queer studies conference at The Ohio
State University. The title is meant as an expansive call to consider a host
of issues evoked by queer places (local/global, urban/rural, North/South,
East/West, public/private, mobility/immobility …), queer practices (sexual
cultures, expressive cultures, political activism, academic work …), and
queer lives (biography, hagiography, psychology, sexology, history,
development …). We envision the conference as an opportunity both to take
stock of inter/disciplinary trends as well as provoke new ideas and
frameworks for future work.

The inspiration for this expansiveness and reevaluation is Samuel Steward,
an OSU alum of the 1930s and the subject of Justin Spring’s critically
acclaimed biography Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward,
Professor, Tattoo Artist, and Sexual Renegade (2010). As a literary studies
academic, writer, and visual and tattoo artist, Steward lived a highly
varied life, coming into contact, and in some cases forming long-lasting
friendships, with such figures as Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas, Thornton
Wilder, André Gide, Thomas Mann, Alfred Kinsey, Albert Camus, Christopher
Isherwood, George Platt Lynes, and Paul Cadmus. As something of a gay
Casanova (and a scrupulous archivist of his sexual encounters), Steward also
“linked in,” as he might say, with such movie stars as Rudolf Valentino and
Rock Hudson.

In 1995, Steward’s estate donated funds to the OSU English department to
further research in LGBTQ scholarship, but these funds have only recently
been “rediscovered.” To pay tribute to this queer Buckeye who studied at,
taught at, and invested in OSU, we are taking our points of departure for
panel themes from Steward’s life and work. Papers may thus address any of
the following (or related) topics:
* Aestheticism, decadence, Catholicism
* Archives and material culture
* Biography, autobiography, life-writing
* Body art and modification
* Colonialism, imperialism, decolonization
* Expatriatism, migration, diaspora
* Genealogies, invented traditions
* Modernism
* Performativity, self-elaboration, world-making
* Popular genres (pulp, erotica, mystery novels)
* Public intellectuals and subcultural lives
* Queer life in the academy, 1920-present
* Race and ethnicity
* Regionalism (especially the Midwest)
* Rural, urban, suburban sexual geographies
* Sailors, seamen, and other seafarers
* Sexology (especially Havelock Ellis and Kinsey)
* Sexual pleasure and perversity (BDSM, porn, hustling)
* Visualities (painting, photography, film)
In addition, we are planning to publish a collection of essays on Samuel
Steward after the conference. Thus, papers that focus on any aspect of
Steward’s life and work are especially welcome.

Send 500-word abstract and 2-page CV by Aug. 12, 2011 Sept. 16, 2011 to Joe
Ponce (ponce.8 at osu.edu
<mailto:ponce.8 at osu.edu?subject=inquiry%20from%20Samuel%20Steward%20Symposiu
m%20website> ).

Direct inquiries to Debra Moddelmog (moddelmog.1 at osu.edu
<mailto:moddelmog.1 at osu.edu?subject=inquiry%20from%20Samuel%20Steward%20Symp
osium%20website> ) or Joe Ponce (ponce.8 at osu.edu
<mailto:ponce.8 at osu.edu?subject=inquiry%20from%20Samuel%20Steward%20Symposiu
m%20website> ).

Conference organizing committee:

Mollie Blackburn
Andrea Breau
Debanuj DasGupta
Tommy Davis
Ally Day
Nikki Engel
Deema Kaedby
Meredith Lee
Meg LeMay
Chris Lewis
Corinne Martin
Debra Moddelmog
Joe Ponce
Jim Sanders
Mary Thomas
Blake Wilder
Shannon Winnubst

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