[Msa-discuss] The Second Birth of Cinema: A Centenary Conference (1-2 July 2011; Newcastle University)

Andrew Shail a.e.shail at newcastle.ac.uk
Wed Apr 6 16:38:43 EDT 2011

*The Second Birth of Cinema: A Centenary Conference*
Percy Building, Newcastle University, 1-2 July 2011
Keynote speakers: André Gaudreault & Philippe Marion, Ian Christie, Joe Kember

Registration is now open for this centenary conference on the Second Birth of Cinema. Papers tackle the question of when, how and why cinema was transformed from a novel technology to a modern institution, looking at the historical developments and departures that broke cinema’s subordination to other media to give us the medium, the industry and the building that we know as ‘the cinema’.

Some topics:
Film Architecture in Southern California, 1909-1915
The Victorian Novel and Early Narrative Film
The Second Birth of Cinema in Belgium, 1904-1913
The Reinvention of Colour in the Single-Reel Era
Animated Films and Negotiated Intermediality
The Second Birth of Cinema in Quebec, 1906-1916
The Lightning Cartoon Film
Measuring the 'Double Birth' Model against the Digital Age
André Bazin’s Second Birth of Cinema
The Emergence of By-Programme Genres in Germany
The Serial and the Institutionalization of the Film Industry
The Local Picture Show and the Second Birth in Canada
The British Film Industry’s Transition from the Local to the National
The Futurists’ New Era of Cinema
The Emergence of Film Celebrity in Britain
The Newsreel and the Variety Format
The Autorenfilm Movement and Cinema’s Second Birth in Germany
The Production Crisis and the Formation of the British Film Industry

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