[Msa-discuss] New Publisher Deals

Matt Huculak huculak at dal.ca
Wed Oct 27 12:32:40 EDT 2010

Dear MSA Members,

I'm pleased to announce a new "Special Offers" page on the MSA website. We
have now made it easier for you to find discounted books by allowing
publishers to link directly to our site. If you are a current member, you
can now see "special offers" from Ashgate, Oxford, and Palgrave at:

As a current MSA member, you are entitled to special discounts on certain
modernist books. 

We welcome all publishers to participate in our "special offers" initiative,
so if you would like to see your book listed at a discount on our page,
please have your publisher contact me.

Best Regards,

Dr. J. Matthew Huculak
Postdoctoral Fellow, Dalhousie University &
Editing Modernism in Canada editingmodernism.ca
Webmaster, Modernist Studies Association msa.press.jhu.edu


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