[Msa-discuss] Between Humans and Machines

Robin Blyn rblyn at uwf.edu
Tue Oct 26 10:08:39 EDT 2010

Hi Everyone,

I am planning a course in Fiction and Film for the spring semester, and I'm
looking for some interesting ideas for texts. I do not necessarily need
literature that was made into film.  I will, instead, design interesting
juxtapositions.  I plan to begin with Frankenstein, since Shelley's "modern
Prometheus" was Edison. After that, I'm into the 20th century. So far, my
picks include *R.U.R*, *Tomorrow's Eve*, *Metropolis,* a unit on avant-garde
manifestos and short films, and *Blade Runner*, along with Dick's novel.  I
will teach the early theorizations of cybernetics and Haraway's essay, as
well, but I would particularly love to include a film or work of lit by a
woman or person of color.


Robin Blyn
Associate Professor, University of West Florida
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