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Dear list members,


please find below the cfp for the 2012 issue of the European Journal of Eng=
lish Studies, published by Routledge, on  the theme of GENDER RESISTANCE.


Dr Angeliki Spiropoulou

Lecturer in European Literature and Theory

The University of the Peloponnese, GR




European Journal of English Studies, Vol. 16


Guest Editors:  Evgenia Sifaki & Angeliki Spiropoulou.

Socio-historical developments that have characterised the turn of the prese=
nt century, such as increasing globalisation, migration and transnationalis=
m, new technologies, the growth of the beauty industry and the medicalisati=
on of the body, as well as various initiatives in equality and human rights=
 legislation, have ushered in new conditions of experiencing and thinking s=
ubjectivity. This issue seeks to interrogate the new experiences and concep=
tualisations of gender and sexualities that have been part of these transfo=
rmations. Specifically, notwithstanding the assimilation of traditional fem=
inist demands in official cultural discourses, what new forms of resistance=
 to conventional gender discourses, categories and practices, and inversely=
, what novel manifestations of resilient gender asymmetries have emerged in=
 this allegedly =91post-feminist=92 era?

We invite contributions that address the modes in which contemporary Anglop=
hone literary, visual and popular culture refract and respond to the questi=
on of gender and sexualities today. Themes that could be addressed include,=
 but are not restricted to:

novel gender formations and experiences in contemporary Anglophone literatu=
re and culture
gender and genre
the response of contemporary women writers to the gender conditions of the =
21st century
gender and racial, ethnic and religious minorities, transnational communiti=
es and diasporas
new ways of performing gender =

gender, sexualities and the law
reproduction and new reproductive technologies
reconfigurations of gendered private and public spaces
developments in theories of gender and sexuality

Detailed proposals (1,000-1,500 words) for articles of c. 5-6,000 words,  a=
 short bio  (300 words) as well as all inquiries regarding this issue, shou=
ld be sent to both guest editors: Evgenia Sifaki  at <evsifaki at gmail.com > =
and Angeliki Spiropoulou at <aspirop at uop.gr> or angelikispiropoulou at hotmail=
.com. =


The deadline for proposals is 31 October 2010, with delivery of completed e=
ssays by 31 March 2011. The issue will appear in 2012.


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