[Msa-discuss] Reminder: Nominations for MSA Board Positions due by March 1

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  Deadline for receipt of Nominations: 1 March 2010 (Monday)

  The MSA Executive Committee seeks nominations for two Board positions.

  1. 2nd VICE PRESIDENT (the 2nd Vice President assumes office on the  =

final day of MSA 12 in 2010, then proceeds to the position of 1st  =

Vice-President on the final day of MSA 13 in 2011, and then to that  =

of President on the final day of MSA 14 in 2012).


commencing on the final day of MSA 12 in 2010).

  OFFICIAL DESCRIPTIONS of these positions may be found at the MSA  =

Website (http://msa.press.jhu.edu/about/bylaws.html).

Prospective candidates with questions about the duties of any of the  =

offices are encouraged to contact these current or recent officers:

  President Pamela Caughie at pcaughi at luc.edu;

1st Vice President Mark Morrison at mxm61 at psu.edu;

2nd Vice President Susan Stanford Friedman at ssfriedm at wisc.edu

Chair of Membership Development and Communications Adelaide Morris at  =

dee-morris at uiowa.edu;

Recent Past Presidents Sean Latham at sean-latham at utulsa.edu and  =

Melba Cuddy-Keane at m.cuddy.keane at utoronto.ca.



  We encourage both self-nominations and nominations of other MSA  =


  Any MSA member in good standing is eligible to be nominated and  =

serve as an officer.

  Please send your nomination of another MSA member or of yourself to  =

Debra Rae Cohen, Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee: drc at sc.edu.

  Nominations should be sent as an attachment and should include the  =

following information about the nominee:

=B7        name

=B7        position sought

=B7        e-mail and telephone contacts

=B7        rank, academic or organizational affiliation

=B7        a statement of candidacy of no more than 200 words; the  =

statement may additionally be accompanied by a list of up to 4  =

publications that demonstrate an interest in Modernist Studies and/or  =

a website address that lists publications and other relevant information

=B7        current c.v.



  The Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, in consultation with  =

the Nominations Committee, will prepare a slate of candidates for  =

election.  The Nominations Chair will contact those nominees who were  =

not self-nominated to confirm their interest in serving on the board.

  Please address any procedural questions to Debra Rae Cohen at her e- =

mail (drc at sc.edu) or via telephone (803.777.2133).

This information is also on the MSA website at http:// =




Since our inception over a decade ago, the MSA membership has grown  =

to almost 1000. Most of the organization=92s work is done by volunteers  =

on the MSA Board and their committees, with the assistance of an MSA  =

administrator. Therefore, those deciding to run for election should  =

be prepared to make a substantial time commitment to MSA. Board  =

members also work individually and collectively to build the  =

membership base, and to communicate with members and the larger  =

academy concerning the Modernist Studies Association. The MSA Board  =

is responsible for planning and executing the annual meeting in  =

conjunction with representatives of the host institution; we believe  =

that the liveliest and most provocative conferences result from  =

attention to diversity of representation on the fronts of discipline,  =

nation, race, and gender on the Board, among the membership, and on  =

the annual program.  Our most recent conferences in Long Beach  =

(2007), Nashville (2008) and Montreal (2009) have further diversified  =

our membership and increased interdisciplinary and multi-cultural  =

panel offerings. We expect no less of our future conferences at  =

Victoria (2010), Buffalo (2011) and Las Vegas (2012).

Debra Rae Cohen
Department of English
Humanities Office Building
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208
drc at sc.edu

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