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Indeed, there are a number of works by Harlem Renaissance writers, besides =
Nugent's, that could be included in a queer modernisms course: Nella Larsen=
's Passing; Wallace Thurman's novels; poetry by Langston Hughes, Claude McK=
ay (also his novel Home to Harlem), Countee Cullen; songs by Bessie Smith, =
Gladys Bentley, Ma Rainey; Grimke's "The Closing Door"; etc.  Shane Vogel's=
 new book The Scene of HarlemCabaret: Race, Sexuality, Performance might pr=
ove a useful resource for framing this discussion.  In addition, work on th=
e "dandy": Monica Miller, "The Black Dandy as Bad Modernist" (in Bad Modern=
isms); Elisa Glick's "Harlem's Queer Dandy: African-American Modernism and =
the Artifice of Blackness" in MFS; not to mention Jessica Feldman's Gender =
on the Divide: The Dandy in Modernist Literature.

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"Smoke, Lilies, and Jade" by Richard Bruce Nugent, if you want to include a=
n African American author.

On Feb 9, 2010, at 7:36 PM, Petra Dierkes-Thrun wrote:

Dear MSA list members,

I am thinking of putting together an undergraduate course on Queer Modernis=
ms for next year and would love some input for possible texts/authors to pu=
t on the syllabus.  This course will be taught in a Comparative Literature =
department, so besides the usual suspects (Forster, Radclyffe Hall, H.D., S=
ackville-West, Djuna Barnes ...) it should include some French, German, Ita=
lian, or Slavic etc. texts and authors as well.  I would also like to inclu=
de examples of visual culture (Claude Cahun?) and films (Nazimova's Salome)=
.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Petra Dierkes-Thrun
Stanford University

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