[Msa-discuss] CFP: Transgendering Modernism – Transgendering Modernity

Deborah Cohler dcohler at sfsu.edu
Wed Apr 14 10:39:48 EDT 2010

Transgendering Modernism =96 Transgendering Modernity Roundtable

  We seek 2-4 additional participants for a proposal for an  =

interdisciplinary roundtable discussion for MSA 12 in Victoria  =

(November 11-14, 2010).  This roundtable focuses on the significance  =

of the modernist moment, and of modernity more broadly, to the  =

emergence of contemporary transgender identities, theories, and  =

histories.  Why do many genealogies of transgender subjectivities turn  =

to the modernist moment? What role does the rise of anthropological,  =

medical, sexological, psychiatric, psychological, and psychoanalytical  =

discourses=97as well as opportunities for resistance to and rewriting of  =

them=97play in the emergence of =93trans=94?  What about other shifts in  =

discourse and visual cultures concerning gender and sexuality, and  =

changing notions of subjectivity and the self in modernity?  How do  =

the emergences of transgender identities, theories, and histories  =

resonate with those of contemporary sexual identities, theories, and  =

histories, and how do they diverge from them?

  We welcome submissions from across the disciplines and from  =

interdisciplinary locations that challenge and engage with our key  =


Please send a 300-word abstract and a 75-word biographical statement  =

as a single MS Word or PDF attachment to both Chris Coffman (cecoffman at alas=
ka.edu =

) and Deborah Cohler (dcohler at sfsu.edu) by April 26, 2010.

Deborah Cohler
Associate Professor of Women and Gender Studies
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco CA 94132
dcohler at sfsu.edu

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