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Dean Irvine dean.irvine at Dal.Ca
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Concordia University, Montreal
28-31 May 2010

Radical Modernist Pedagogy in Canada
Canada boasts a great number of teachers and professors amongst its  =

writers. For many, teaching presents an opportunity to shape the  =

values of both readers and writers of literature. Modernist writers  =

such as A.J.M. Smith worked to legitimize Canadian literature as an  =

academic field within Canadian universities, while Earle Birney helped  =

to institute Canada=92s first creative writing MFA in 1965. But pedagogy  =

is not, of course, limited to the university classroom: Ezra Pound=92s  =

famous =93Ez-university=94 was akin to a correspondence course in which  =

writers exchanged letters with the American poet, receiving in return  =

a literary education that included enclosed pamphlets and recommended- =

reading lists. Contemporary scholars and teachers continue  =

individually and collectively to push the boundaries of pedagogy: the  =

Editing Modernism in Canada (EMiC) project (http://www.editingmodernism.ca =

), for example, includes within its mandate experiential-learning  =

pedagogies to train students and new scholars, as well as web-based  =

pedagogies to =93appeal to communities of readers beyond postsecondary  =

institutions.=94 Might experimental modernist pedagogical strategies  =

offer new ways of thinking about our contemporary practice as teachers  =

of modernist literature?
Papers on radical modernist pedagogy in Canada might explore but are  =

not limited to the following questions:
=95	In what locations, venues, or media did radical modernist pedagogy  =

take place? (i.e. living rooms, public parks, CBC radio, etc.)
=95	What form(s) did women=92s radical pedagogy take?
=95	What is the relationship between teaching and writing?
=95	Did technological advances offer new pedagogical possibilities?
=95	How has radical modernist pedagogy been documented?
Please submit a 700-word proposal, 100-word abstract, and a 50-word  =

biographical note to Karis Shearer (karis.shearer at mcgill.ca) and Dean  =

Irvine (dean.irvine at dal.ca) by November 15, 2009.
Note: Submitters must be members-in-good-standing of ACCUTE.
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