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Call for Papers

Special issue of Canadian Literature

Old Left, New Modernisms

Guest editor: Dean Irvine, Dalhousie University
dean.irvine at dal.ca

By bringing together a multidisciplinary cast of scholars who work at  =

the intersection of leftist and modernist studies, this special issue  =

of Canadian Literature will negotiate between competing cultural  =

discourses, allowing their coextensive narratives to engage in  =

dialectical exchange and reanimating debates between leftists and  =

modernists of the early to mid-twentieth century. This dialectical  =

approach seeks to address the conjunctures and contradictions of  =

modernist and leftist cultural formations in interwar, wartime, and  =

Cold War Canada, a dialectic that recognizes the anti-modernism and  =

social-political radicalism of the old left as mediating discourses in  =

the formation of modernist aesthetic practices. Whatever the storied  =

antagonisms between modernists and leftists, and however distorted the  =

retellings by critics and historians of the late twentieth century,  =

new scholarship on literature, theatre, and visual art in early to mid- =

twentieth-century Canada has shifted over the past decade toward more  =

complex conceptions of the leftist social and political orientations  =

of modernist cultural production.

Contributors to this special issue are invited to submit papers that  =

address a wide dispersion of disciplinary and interdisciplinary  =

interests related to modernisms in Canadian literature. Essays are  =

welcome on the relationship between modernisms in Canadian literature  =

and the social, political, economic, intellectual, and cultural  =

histories of the left. Of particular interest are essays that address,  =

but are not limited to, the following topics in the context of  =

modernist literatures in Canada:

Modernisms and Modernities
=95* antimodernism, transmodernism, and alternative modernisms
=95* Anglo-American modernism and other national literatures
=95* modernisms in other arts

Cultural Formations, Institutions, and Practices
=95* avant gardes and apr=E8s gardes
=95* realisms (social, socialist, proletarian, psychological, documentary)
=95* romanticisms (revolutionary, radical)
=95* reportage and journalism
=95* propaganda and agtiprop
=95* mass media and new media
=95* mass, popular, and people's cultures
=95* theatres (workers, little, amateur, professional)
=95* materialist politics of the book
=95* radical print cultures

Modernism and Radicalism
=95* Marxism, post-Marxism, and neo-Marxism
=95* socialism, communism, and anarchism
=95* anticommunism
=95* labour movements and unions
=95* the Popular Front
=95* the New Left
=95* Stalinism, Trotskyism, anti-Stalinism
=95* fascism and anti-fascism
=95* pacifism and antiwar movements

Locations, Translocations, and Dislocations of Modernism
=95* geomodernisms
=95* nationalism and transnationalism
=95* colonialism, anti-colonialism, and postcolonialism
=95* diasporas and migrations
=95* expatriates, exile(s), and expatriation
=95* globalization and global modernities
=95* cosmopolitanism and new cosmopolitanisms
* cities, suburbia, and (sub)urbanization
=95* materialist and human geographies

Modernism and Radical Subjectivities
=95* classes and class struggles
=95* multitudes and masses
=95* races and racisms
=95* indigeneity and indigenization
=95* feminisms and masculinities
=95* New Men, New Women
=95* sexualities

Essays should follow the submission guidelines of the journal: http://www.c=
anlit.ca/submissions.php =

. Cover letters should indicate that the article is to be considered  =

for the Old Left, New Modernisms special issue.

Submission deadline: June 1, 2010.

Dean Irvine
Associate Professor
Director, Editing Modernism in Canada (EMiC)
Collection Director, Canadian Literature Collection/Collection de  =

litt=E9rature canadienne (University of Ottawa Press)
Department of English
Dalhousie University
6135 University Avenue
Halifax, NS      B3H 4P9
tel: 902.494.6903
email: dean.irvine at dal.ca
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