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Call for Papers
EMiC] Editing Modernism in Canada
Conference on Editorial Problems
University of Toronto
23-24 October 2010

The past two decades have witnessed a resurgence in transnational modernist=
 studies and the emergence of a new generation of scholars working on Canad=
ian modernist literature and drama. This period has seen the publication of=
 critical monographs, biographies, essay collections, anthologies, and crit=
ical editions, the organization of several international conferences, and t=
he launch of major collaborative research projects. The Editing Modernism i=
n Canada (EMiC) project plays a leading role in this emergent generation of=
 modernist studies. For its first major public event, EMiC is hosting the C=
onference on Editorial Problems at the University of Toronto, 23-24 October=
 2010. Sean Latham, Past President of the Modernist Studies Association, wi=
ll deliver the keynote address.

We invite proposals not only from EMiC-affiliated researchers (co-applicant=
s, collaborators, postdocs, and graduate fellows) but also from unaffiliate=
d scholars whose work in the fields of modernist literature and theatre, sc=
holarly editing, book history, and the digital humanities intersects with o=
ur project. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following: case=
 studies of digital or print editions in progress; rationales for prospecti=
ve or hypothetical editions in print or digital media; exhibitions of colla=
borative digital editing tools and publication engines; reports on experien=
tial-learning pedagogies used to train students and new scholars in editori=
al theory and practice; strategies for the development of relationships amo=
ng universities, publishers, the media, public libraries and non-profit cul=
tural organizations (book clubs, reading groups, reading series, literary f=
estivals) to promote Canada's modernists; re-assessments of canons and curr=
icula posed by the introduction and/or reinterpretation of Canadian moderni=
st texts in new critical editions; analyses of series of editions (New Cana=
dian Library, Laurentian Library, Collected Works of A.M. Klein, Collected =
Works of E.J. Pratt, etc.) and how these series have shaped editorial and c=
ritical practice; findings based on research into the archives of modernist=
 authors, their editors and anthologists, and their publishers.

We welcome proposals for 20-minute papers for panels or 5-minute position p=
apers for roundtables. Panel sessions will feature the standard sequence of=
 3 or 4 speakers delivering 15-20 minute talks followed by a question perio=
d and discussion. Roundtables will consist of 5 or 6 speakers gathered arou=
nd issues or topics of common concern in order to generate discussion among=
 the participants and with the audience. Roundtable participants will be as=
ked to deliver short (5 minute) position statements in response to question=
s distributed in advance by the session organizer, and they will take turns=
 responding to the moderator's and audience's questions and comments. =

Selected papers by conference participants will be collected in a planned v=
olume of conference proceedings, which will be published as part of the Uni=
versity of Toronto Press's Conference on Editorial Problems series and co-e=
dited by the conference convenors. In addition to this collection, we will =
publish a special issue of Essays on Canadian Writing with contributions fr=
om a select group of the conference's panel and roundtable participants. =

A limited number of subventions for EMiC participants (co-applicants, colla=
borators, postdocs, and graduate fellows) and affiliated students will be a=
vailable to defray travel and accommodation expenses. For eligibility guide=
lines see the Travel Subventions page of the project website.

Please submit 500-word proposal, 100-word abstract, and 50-word biographica=
l statement via email to the conference organizers, Dean Irvine (dean.irvin=
e at dal.ca) and Colin Hill (colin.hill at utoronto.ca), by 15 March 2010.

For more information about the EMiC project, please visit our website at ht=
tp://editingmodernism.ca or contact us at emic at dal.ca.

EMiC is funded by a Strategic Knowledge Cluster grant from the Social Scien=
ces and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Dean Irvine
Associate Professor
Director, Editing Modernism in Canada (EMiC)
Collection Director, Canadian Literature Collection/Collection de litt=E9ra=
ture canadienne (University of Ottawa Press)
Department of English
Dalhousie University
6135 University Avenue
Halifax, NS      B3H 4P9
tel: 902.494.6903
email: dean.irvine at dal.ca

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