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Julia A. Walker jwalker at artsci.wustl.edu
Tue May 12 10:49:45 EDT 2009

Call for Papers:

Seminar:  “Performing Modernism”
American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR) conference
Puerto Rico, November 12-15

Modernist Studies has recently reassessed its scholarly parameters, noting
temporal, spatial, and vertical expansions of the field.   Scholars have
also begun to come to terms with the dynamism implicit in Modernism’s
various “movements,” expanding our understanding of these “-isms” by
attending not only to their defining principles but to the aesthetic and
cultural practices they performed.  Recent books by Olga Taxidou and
Günter Berghaus (among other essays and edited collections) have opened up
the field of Modernist Studies to a performance studies-oriented approach.
 This seminar invites further scholarly contributions to the study of
modernist performance, including (but not limited to) work on:

•  specific modernist figures and/or movements
•  modernist acting, dance, opera, and musical performance
•  performance and the historical avant garde
•  modernist performance apropos popular culture
•  performance and the historical period of modernity/post-modernity
•  performance and alternative modernities (including those of the
Caribbean and Latin America)
•  indigenous, circum-atlantic, and transnational modernist performances
•  manifestoes and political action
•  theories of modernist performance
•  historical approaches to the study of modernist performance
•  problems in historicizing modernist performance
•  modernist performance and the problem of the archive

A proposal of 250 words and a brief bio should be submitted by Friday, May
15th to jwalker28 at wustl.edu.  Selected participants will be asked to
submit 10-15-page papers by Friday, October 2nd, such that they may be
posted on the ASTR website for other seminar participants and interested
ASTR members to read.  Identifying topics of shared interest that emerge
from the papers, the facilitator will arrange for individual participants
to engage each others’ work before the conference via e-mail, in
preparation for the seminar discussion.  With the hope of producing a
provisional bibliography on the topic that could be distributed among
session attendees, the facilitator will also ask participants to submit
citations of published research that they find especially useful to their

Participants are encouraged to consult the ASTR Guidelines for Working

Julia A. Walker
Associate Professor
English and Performing Arts
Washington University in St. Louis

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