[Msa-discuss] Anthology of Modernist Parodies

Leonard Diepeveen Leonard.Diepeveen at Dal.Ca
Tue Mar 24 17:59:39 EDT 2009

I am putting together an anthology of ephemeral work that responded,  
in a parodic manner, to modernism. Using chronological parameters of  
about 1910-1940, I have collected some straight-up parodies, but also  
things like hoax manifestoes, accounts of "futurist" fashion shows,a  
threat of litigation against the Armory show by an inmate of an insane  
asylum (for plagiarism), and newspaper reports of the trial, in  
effigy, of Henri Matisse. I'm hoping to submit the collection to a  
publisher by early this fall, but of course am wondering about sources  
I may have missed. If you have any tips for sources that might enrich  
my collection, I'd be grateful to hear about them.
Len Diepeveen
Department of English
Dalhousie University
(902) 494-3331
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