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On pg 207 of Peter Ackroyd's 'T. S. Eliot: A Life' (NY: Simon & Schuster
1984), he writes that Eliot gave a version of his talk  on "the moral
purpose of criticism" (most familiar as "Religion and Literature") at the
Anglican theological college at Kelham in January 1934, and added on that
occasion " a rather severe attack upon Virginia Woolf" to the version he
had previously delivered when lecturing in the US.  


Ackroyd gives no source for this claim. I have looked at the familiar
essay "Religion and Literature" (1935) in Eliot's "Selected Essays" as
well as another version published in "Faith That Illuminates" (1935), and
have searched periodical databases, but I cannot find any source for
Ackroyd's claim.  Any clues out there?



Mark Hussey



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