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MLA Committee on Late-19th- and Early-20thC English Literature:  Call 
for Papers for the 2009 MLA Convention, Philadelphia, Dec. 27-30

1) Past and Present: The relation of past to present, as theorized in 
the period 1880-1920.  How did we get here from there and know that 
we have?  1-page abstracts and brief vitae by 10 March, Stephen Arata 
(sda2e at virginia.edu).

2) Uses of Literature: Concepts of the uses of literature, 1880-1920: 
their relevance to periodization and to current debates about the 
value of literature and literary study. 1-page abstracts and brief 
vitae by 10 March, Mark Wollaeger (mark.wollaeger at vanderbilt.edu).

3) Where and When is Modernism?  What counts as modernism in the 
global setting of English-language literatures?  Conceptual inquiries 
into the times and places of modernism. 1-page abstracts and brief 
vitae by 10 March, Janet Lyon (jwl12 at psu.edu).

Janet Lyon
Associate Professor of English
Penn State University
University Park, PA  16802
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