[Msa-discuss] Reminder: Nominations for MSA Board Positions due on March 2

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Mon Feb 16 10:06:37 EST 2009

This is a reminder that all materials for MSA nominations--whether  =

you are self-nominating or nominating someone else--must be received  =

by Monday, March 2. Please get in touch with Debra Rae Cohen  =

(drc at sc.edu) if you have any questions. The call for nominations is  =

repeated below:


Deadline for receipt of nominations: 2 March 2009 (Monday)

The MSA Executive Committee seeks nominations for 3 Board positions.

1. 2nd VICE PRESIDENT (the 2nd Vice President assumes office on the  =

final day of MSA 11 in 2009, then proceeds to the position of 1st  =

Vice-President on the final day of MSA 12 in 2010, and then to the  =

position of President on the final day of MSA 13 in 2011).

2. INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACHES CHAIR (3-year term commencing on the  =

final day of MSA 11 in 2009).

3. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CHAIR (3-year term commencing on the final  =

day of MSA 11 in 2009).


Prospective candidates with questions about the duties of any of the  =

positions are encouraged to contact these current or recent officers:

President Sean Latham at sean-latham at utulsa.edu;
1st Vice President Pamela Caughie at pcaughi at luc.edu;
2nd Vice President Mark Morrison at mxm61 at psu.edu;
Interdisciplinary Approaches Chair David Chinitz at dchinit at luc.edu;
International Relations Chair Sonita Sarker at sarker at macalester.edu;
Recent Past-Presidents Melba Cuddy-Keane at m.cuddy.keane at utoronto.ca
and Cristanne Miller at ccmiller at buffalo.edu



We encourage both self-nominations and nominations of other MSA members!

Any MSA member in good standing is eligible to be nominated and serve  =

as an officer.

Please send your nomination of another MSA member or of yourself to  =

Debra Rae Cohen, Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee: drc at sc.edu.

Nominations should be sent as an attachment and should include the  =

following information about the nominee:

=95 name
=95 position sought
=95 e-mail and telephone contacts
=95 rank, academic or organizational affiliation
=95 a statement of candidacy of no more than 200 words; the statement  =

may additionally be accompanied by a list of up to 4 publications  =

that demonstrate an interest in Modernist Studies and/or a website  =

address that lists publications and other relevant information
=95 current c.v.


The Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, in consultation with  =

the Nominations Committee, will prepare a slate of candidates for  =

election. The Nominations Chair will contact those nominees who were  =

not self-nominated to confirm their interest in serving on the board.

Please address any procedural questions to Debra Rae Cohen at her  =

email (drc at sc.edu) or via telephone (803.777.2133).


Since our inception over a decade ago, the MSA membership has grown  =

to almost 1000. Most of the organization=92s work is done by volunteers  =

on the MSA Board and their committees, with the assistance of an MSA  =

administrator. Therefore, those deciding to run for election should  =

be prepared to make a substantial time commitment to MSA. Board  =

members also work individually and collectively to build the  =

membership base, and to communicate with members and the larger  =

academy concerning the Modernist Studies Association. The MSA Board  =

is responsible for planning and executing the annual meeting in  =

conjunction with representatives of the host institution; we believe  =

that the liveliest and most provocative conferences result from  =

attention to diversity of representation on the fronts of discipline,  =

nation, race, and gender on the Board, among the membership, and on  =

the annual program. Our most recent conferences in Tulsa (2006), Long  =

Beach (2007), and Nashville (2008) have further diversified our  =

membership and increased interdisciplinary and multi-cultural panel  =

offerings. We expect no less of our future conferences at Montreal  =

(2009), Victoria (2010) and Buffalo (2011).

Debra Rae Cohen
Department of English
Humanities Office Building
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208
drc at sc.edu

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