[Msa-discuss] Peer Seminar on "Mid-Century Eliot": T. S. Eliot Society Annual Meeting

David Chinitz dchinit at luc.edu
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The T. S. Eliot Society will again hold a peer seminar at its annual
meeting (Sept. 25-27, 2009, in St. Louis). This year's seminar will be
led by Marina MacKay of Washington University in St. Louis. Professor
MacKay is the author of Modernism and World War II (Cambridge UP),
editor of The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of World War II, and
co-editor of British Fiction After Modernism (Palgrave). She has
articles published or forthcoming in PMLA, Modern Fiction Studies, ELH,
Twentieth Century Literature, and the Journal of Modern Literature, as
well as in several essay collections.

The seminar invites participants to share and discuss short papers that
read Eliot's later poetry, drama, and criticism in relation to their
political and cultural contexts at mid-century (1935–55). Important
political contexts might include, for example, World War II, the Cold
War, decolonization, the rise of the welfare state, and trans-formations
of liberalism and conservatism in the era of the totalitarian regime.
Among the cultural contexts we may wish to explore are those supplied by
reading the later Eliot alongside other mid-century artists and
thinkers, canonical or neglected, including (but not restricted to) the
writers whose work Eliot edited or championed in those years. Other
useful cultural contexts might include contemporary literary- and
cultural-critical phenomena such as Leavisite humanism, the rise of the
New Criticism, and the emergence of Cultural Studies. Participants are
welcome to supplement or replace the specific examples named above with
mid-century political and cultural contexts of their own.

The seminar is open to the first 15 registrants; registration will close
July 1st. Seminarians will submit 4-5 page position papers by e-mail, no
later than September 1st. To sign up, or for answers to questions,
please email Jayme Stayer (jayme.stayer at gmail.com).

For further information on the Eliot Society and its conference, please
visit our website at http://www.luc.edu/eliot.

* * * * * * * * * * *
The Society invites proposals for papers to be presented at the annual
meeting in St. Louis. Clearly organized proposals of about 300 words, on
any topic reasonably related to Eliot, along with biographical sketches,
should be forwarded by June 15, 2009, to the President, William Harmon,
400 Broad St., Oxford, NC, 27565; or preferably by email
(wharmon03 at mindspring.com).

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