[Msa-discuss] cfp for MSA 11 panel, Beyond Exile

Maren Linett mlinett at purdue.edu
Tue Apr 7 10:52:07 EDT 2009

CFP for MSA 11 Panel:

Beyond Exile: Place and Placelessness in Modernist Literature

Exile implies a home, however long lost; it implies something to which
return, even if practically impossible, can be imagined. This panel will
consider deeper states of estrangement from place, and by extension often
from language as well. What of characters who have no home to long for? For
whom even their =B3native=B2 language feels foreign?  What of novels or poe=
that thematize or enact such displacement in their form or style?  This
panel invites papers that consider the phenomenon of non-belonging to place
or language in modernist literature. Please send abstract of 300 words and a
brief bio to Maren Linett at mlinett at purdue.edu by May 1, 2009.

-- =

Maren Linett
Associate Professor
Department of English
Purdue University
500 Oval Drive
West Lafayette IN 47907

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