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In keeping with the theme, "the languages of modernism," I am organizing a
round-table for the upcoming Modernist Studies Conference in Montreal on
literary translation and transcultural poetics. Heidegger famously claimed
that "language speaks," implying that poetry itself is best understood as an
art of listening and composition as an act of discovery. The work of the
poet / translator might then be to allow the original text to speak without
interpretation. To explore this topic, I seek translators, translator /
poets and scholars who have worked with experimental prosodies, abject
subject matter, or other "difficult' texts and who have explored the impact
of those practices on English language poetry. Clearly there is a rich
history related to this topic, from Futurism and Dada through Surrealism and
a variety of constructivist or conceptual practices like "ecriture." Each
participant in the round-table, as I imagine it, will speak for 5 minutes
about the rewards of translating works that challenge norms of English
language expression. It may be that as a result of such translation English
has become more plastic and malleable. At this point I seek short statements
of interest.



Donald Wellman

Daniel Webster College


wellman at dwc.edu




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